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Coach Rach


My name is Rachel Munoz and I have been a nutrition coach for 3 years. I have helped many people realize their goals and understand that nutrition isn't as complex as they think!

My passion for nutrition started with my own health journey. I have my Bachelor's degree in Health Sciences, a Masters in Business Management and I am Nutrition Coaching Institute Level 1 and Precision Nutrition Level 1 certified.

I want to help every person I work with understand that everyone is different, especially physically. I want to help them optimize their nutrition to become a better version of themselves. Knowledge is power and if I can share what I know and help clients realize what reasonable goals and expectations are for them on a personal level -- and then hit them, then I am one happy coach!

Outside of nutrition, I love to spend time with my boys - Zac, my husband, and Julian my son. I love Crossfit and Weightlifting, it is my stress reliever!

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